Welcome to Cavamirs page, where you can read more about us and our dogs.

Please note that the English pages are still under construction. Some texts are missing, but you can still have a look at the photos!

Vessla1.JPG (26247 bytes)
Ch Cavamirs Modesty Blaise


We breed cavaliers of all four colours, but maybe we are mostly known for whole-colours - especially black and tan. This is also the colour we favour the most.


Since about ten years, we also keep King Charles Spaniels. This is a lovely breed that more people should have a closer look at!

Grodor_pa_trappan1.jpg (29745 bytes)
Ch Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up and
Ch Cavamirs Grodprinsessa as puppies


dixie.jpg (6707 bytes)
Ch Dahlholmens Dixi


We all need someone to bring home the food, right? We have had an interest for elkhounds for many years, and have had a few in the past. Now, thanks to a co-operation with Dahlholmens kennel in Gävle, we are happy to have them in the house again!