A lovely day for us in Högbo today! The Charlies did SO well: Best of Breed: CH Cavamirs Prinsessan Tuvstarr, best puppy: her son, Cavamirs Pors!, best veteran: her uncle, CH Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up!

The avaliers weren't bad either: Cavamirs Shopaholic won juniorsclass, and CH Cavamirs Gucci was awarded honour price in veterans class.


Congratulations to Sofie Eriksson and her Cavamirs Miss Elton (Mysan) who has won their first ticket in agility! Sofie has also competed successfully with Mysans mother, Cavamirs Highland Mist.

Also some show news: Good old Morrfuss (CH Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up) was BOB at Köping and Best veteran in Vallentuna. Proud owner is Mona Segerström, who also brought her little Kvitten (Cavamirs Pors) to Vallentuna, where he was best puppy! Congratulations!


Cavamirs Kikker won CC and BOB in Tvååker today, making him Swedish champion! Judge was Rune Lysgaard from Norway.


Our lovely charlie-puppies are developing into wonderful personalities!


Cavamirs Ängsull "Ullis"



Cavamirs Kaveldun




Cavamirs Pors "Skräp"





Cavamirs Stormhatt





We have Charlie-puppies! Lovely "Karlsson" (CH Cavamirs Prinsessan Tuvstarr) gave birth to a litter February 5th, the father is Windsor Bit O'Magic Royalist, an "yankee" visiting Finland. On top, two photos of the only girl, then her three brothers.








Another year is coming to an end. During the autumn we lost one of our beloved friends, Ella (CH Cavamirs Estelle) and we still miss her terribly. The rest of the gang is doing what they can to keep us active - CH Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie won her Finnish title in September, making her now a Nordic Champion. CH Cavamirs Eriador blenheim daughter Cavamirs Shopaholic is now 4 months and is getting ready for her first puppy shows, and CH Cavamirs Prinsessan Tuvstarr has just came home from a trip to Finland. We hope to see some results from that trip in two months or so...

We wish all our friends all over the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009!!


Puppy pictures!

And some other photos, Amourette d'Eté de la Rivieroise and Cavamirs Georgia O'Keefe.



We've got a litter of Cavalier puppies!! Doris (CH Cavamirs Eriador) gave birth to 1 boy and four girls, all blenheim. The proud father is Tradesman Viktor.


Lovely Cavamirs Prinsessan Tuvstarr ("Karlsson") was made up Swedish Champion yesterday under judge Rune Lysgaard from Norway!


Our charlie-girl Cavamirs Prinsessan Tuvstarr ("Karlsson" when incognito!) seems to do everything to show what fools we've been not taking her to more shows earlier. She's now been shown four times, all shows this month!, and this weekend came her second CC and also CACIB under sympatic judge Carlos Saevich. Her "Uncle Morrfuss" (CH Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up) was best male and BOB.

Thanks to Mona and Björn Segerström (Morrfuss' owners) for helping me showing "Karlsson" and for the photo.



Karlsson kisses uncle's ear...
sorry for blurry photo, took it with my mobile phone!

"Morrfuss" also have a new health certificate
for clear eyes and heart!



We had a really nice weekend at the shows in Vänersborg! At the Kennelclub show on Saturday, CH Cavamirs Gucci got CK in veteranclass by Mrs Diane Fry, kennel Amantra. Lakrits (CH Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie) was best bitch and got her first Swedish CACIB by Dutch judge Rony Doedijns.

On the Saturday the Swedish King Charles spoaniel-club had their specialty, also celebrating 25 years as a club! Judge was Mrs Fry and our dogs had several nice placings:
- Cavamirs Kikker won intermediate class with CK, was fourth best dog and got his second CC!
- Cavamirs Prinsessan Tuvstarr won open class with CK and was fifth best bitch - ONE placing from winning her second CC...
- CH Cavamirs Grodprinsessa was fourth in champions class with CK
- CH Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie was fifth in champions class with CK



Some photos from Österbybruk.



A good day in Österbybruk today! Breedspecialist Annukka Paloheimo judged king charles spaniels. Cavamirs Prinsessan Tuvstarr won the CC and CH Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie was BOB and even shorlisted in the group final!



Finally some good news! In Västerås yesterday, Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie got her third Swedish CC and became Swedish and Danish champion. She has only been to four shows in official class, three in Sweden and one in Denmark... Judge was Jouko Leiviskä from Finland. Best dog and BOB was another handsome b/t, Ch JR Iron Maiden zur Alten Schmiede.




Sad, horrible news - our darling Charlie-girl "Pyttan" is gone. Last Tuesday she had an MRI that told us what we had suspected, she had syringomyelia. In December she was the happiest little dog, no symptoms at all when she went to the Stockholm-show (see below), the first signs came in January, and the last weeks she was just sad and depressed. This is just dreadful. The only consolation is that now she's not in pain any longer - and MAYBE this will make more people aware of this disease. Let's just hope that owners and breeders are open and honest enough to talk about what they know from their own lines...

Good news: new heart certificates for Cavamirs Kookaburra, Cavamirs Eriador, Cavamirs Grodprinsessa, Cavamirs Prinsessan Tuvstarr and Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie.



First news this year are sad news. Our darling elkhound Dixie is not with us any longer...



Christmas is here with a lot to do, but I simply have to tell you some news. Last weekend was the big international show in Stockholm, with Shealagh Waters judging charlies, giving us a nice day!

Cavamirs Kikker won the juniorsclass with prize of honour, giving him his first title: nordic juniorwinner 07. Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up, Cavamirs Grodprinseesa and Cavamirs La Petite Grenouille (Pyttan) were all awarded CC-quality and had very nice placings. For the first time we showed a breeders group with charlies, they were awarded prize of honour.

Breedersgroup: Grodprinsen, Grodprinsessan, Pyttan and Kikker

We haven't showed much at all this year, maybe that will change next year. There's a world show in Stockholm coming up...

As usual, the passed year brought bort happiness and sorrow. We recently lost our loved Ch Cavamirs Highland Myrtle. "Myrra" , who were about to celebrate her 14th birthday this Christmas. She had just had a new heart certificate, and was doing really well, but suddenly turned really ill.


At the big puppy-show in Malmö today, Cavamirs Kikker was best puppy! Kikker is owned by Gunvor Bertram, Åstorp, but handled by his dad's breeder Nellie Zweigel.

Best puppy Cavamirs Kikker, BOS-puppy Sky Fire´s Sweet Rose

A somewhat blurry picture, yet a picture showing sweet Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie winning CC and CACIB in Herning, Denmark! We just have to get some nice photos of her...

BOB DKUCH SUCH Charlie Bay King Bhumibol, BOS Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie, handled by Rassmus Wahlstedt


Our sweet Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie (king charles) has been to Denmark, Herning, and won  CC, CACIB and BOS under judge Ove Germundsson, who by the way showed that he liked her already when she was still in puppy class, by having her picked out to the short list in BIS-puppy in Högbo last summer. A big THANKS to Rassmus for showing her - again!


At international show in Växjö today, Cavamirs Kikker (king charles) won his first CC! Judge was Cristian Stefanescu from Romania.


Ch Cavamirs Highland Myrtle and her granddaughter Ch Cavamirs Gucci got new certificates of clear heart today. Myrtle is a sparkling teenager who'll turn FOURTEEN in December, Gucci is a tender pup who has just turned eight...


Really time for some updates. Summer has passed, we've been to dog shows nearly every weekend, but without our dogs... now, when the show season is almost over, we finally pulled ourselves together.

Cavamirs Rana Rosso (owner Eva Basnet) was best puppy at the Toy show at Högbo Bruk, judge was Karl-Erik Johansson. Her sister Cavamirs La Petite Grenouille was best puppy both days in Helsingborg (judge at the Toy show was Mery Chantal, France and the Kennelclub show was judged by Michael Forte, Ireland). Her mother SUCH Cavamirs Grodprinsessa was BOS both days, and her father CH Bedecan Happy Jokerman was BOB and BIS-3 at the Toy show. A real family happening!


BOB and BOS at SDHK in Helsingborg



Proud parents with their beautiful daughter




Today I could finally update with new photos! Spring photos of the older puppies are in the Photoalbum.


The "new"cavalier puppies are now a bit more than a week old. Mum "Ronja" has now her photo and pedigree at the page where we present our  bitches.

There are new photos of Ch Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up HERE.


Cavamirs Allure has given birth to three black and tan puppies! Proud father is Cavamirs Black Sabbath.

Spring has come, and we took lovely photos of the older puppies playing outdoors for the first time. Unfortunately, updating doesn't work too well today, but I'll make a new try any day!


The Charlie puppies are starting to discover the world! The world seems to be an interesting place, the other puppies are fun to play with and there seems to be someting outside the puppy pen... other dogs (who sometimes come in and say hello!) and lots of nice people.


Cavamirs Rana Rosso                                                                     Cavamirs La Petite Grenouille


     Cavamirs Frosken                                                                            Cavamirs Kikker


The Cavalier puppies are more laid-back. They sleep away the days in total relaxation, and prefers mummys company to others. The world outside doesn't seem too tempting... yet!


    Cavamirs Frodo The Ringbearer                                                       Cavamirs Lady Galadriel




         Cavamirs Rana                                                                                                                Cavamirs La Grenouille

                    Cavamirs Kikker                                                                                                               Cavamirs Frosken

Cavamirs Galadriel och Cavamirs Meriadoc Brandybock (maybe!)



Ch Cavamirs Eriador, "Doris", has got her litter with Ch Hackensack Midsummer Theme, one girl and one boy!



The charliepuppies are still doing well!

We got at photo of the father of the puppies, Ch Bedecan Happy Jokerman. Isn't he a handsome young man?

Some cavalier news: CH Cavamirs Gucci (7,5 years) and Cavamirs Black Tulip (10 years) have new heart certificates, still clear. And talking about our lovely seniors, we would like to congratulate CH Cavamirs Highland Myrtle, Cavamirs Highland Thistle and Cavamirs Highland Bracken, who celebrated their 13th birthday on December 28th.The picture was taken this summer.


CH Cavamirs Eriador is mated to CH Hackensack Midsummer Theme, and she's expecting her puppies any day now. We are very excited.



A new year... during the autumn we had a cavalier litter, Cavamirs Kookaburra and Ch Boeroendi v.'t Burgstse Hof got five puppies that now live with their new families. Pictured below is Cavamirs Georgia O'Keefe.

Ch Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up won BOB at the Stockholm-show in December, which gave him a new title: Swedish Winner -06!


And last but not least: our charliegirl Ch Cavamirs Grodprinsessa has just given birth to a litter sired by Ch Bedecan Happy Jokerman. Two tri boys, a blenheim girl and a ruby girl.



Summer is almost over, and som is the most intense part of the show season.  Högbo 3*international was a lovely weekend for us. Little "Mimi" (Amourette-D'ete De La Rivierosie) made her show debut, won best puppy all three days. On Friday she was also 3rd in BIS-puppy!! CH Cavamirs Moa M was Best veteran all three days, and CH Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up was BOB on Sunday.

On the 17th of August Mimi got 9 months old, the limit for participating in official class. The 19th she won her first CC under Judge Steven Seymore, Australia!! She won her second CC the day after under Elsbeth Clerc, Switzerland....

CH Cavamirs Eriador, "Doris" was best bitch-4 under Steven Seymore, and BOS under breed specialist Jan Törnblom!


A very nice day at SCKCS show in Avesta today! Sweeet old Ch Cavamirs Estelle was best veteran and best bitch-2, young girl Ch Cavamirs Eriador was best bitch-3. Judge was Barry Embleton, UK.

Congratulations also to Ch Cavamirs Grodprions at Turn-Up (owner Mona Segerström) who won yet another BOB at the Kennelclub show in Österbybruk.


FINALLY we can say that spring has arrived!!We celebrated this taking some new photos, that can be seen in Photo album. There are both photos of our own charlie puppies, and of the little black darling...

Doris had another nice show yesterday, second best bitch in Västerås under judge Bengt-Åke Bogren.

Mona Segerström's charlie boy CH Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up won another BOB!


Doris (Cavamirs Eriador) won CC and CACIB under judge Paul Stanton at the international show in Malmö! This was Doris' third CC, and we're proud to have bred another champion.

The Charlie-puppies are doing well. Kejsargroda and Lille Prinsen are with their new owners, Mona Segerström in Uppsala and Chantal Dumortier in France. Tuvstarr and Prins Hatt are still at home, together with a little black darling that we will present and show pictures of soon...

The charlie-puppies are doing well, now at 4,5 weeks. They have moved downstairs, and are exploring the "big world"  out there, finding it very exciting! New photos in Photo album.

Unfortunately two of the puppies didn't make it, two boys. The four remaining are doing fine, new pictures in Photo album .


We have puppies! Ch Cavamirs Grodprinsessa gave birth to a litter of six yesterday, one girl and five boys. Pictures in the Photo album, both of them and their father, Ch Contrariwise Café Au Lait.

051102 I've had difficulties updating this page, so here are a lot of news from the past months!

The puppies are away to their new homes, all except for little  Black Orchid, who will stay with us. She has now her own presentation among the Cavalier bitches.

Before the puppies mived, our friends Maria and Roine came by with their two year old son, Jacob. I don't know who liked it the most, Jacob or the puppies!

puss.JPG (66770 bytes)  

In the  Photo album there are more pictures from that day.

We hope for new puppies in December, our Charlie-girl has been to Finland...

Talking about Charlies, we'd like to send CONGRATULATIONS to Mona Segerström's Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up, who at the show in Copenhagen gained the new titles Copenhagen Winner -05 and International Champion (still to be confirmed by FCI).

Doris (Eriador) and Ella (Estelle) entered the show i Sundsvall with good results. Ella was awarded CK in veterans class both days, and Doris was 4th best bitch on Saturday.

Sofie Eriksson showed her Cavamirs Miss Elton, in Högbo where she got HP in juniors class.

I've also updated the page about judging, since Erna-Britt is no longer the only qualified judge in the family...


050806 We’ve got new puppies!

Cavamirs Easter Witch and Cavamirs Black Sabbath are now proud parents of a litter of four b/t puppies, two boys and two girls.

This weekend we split up att different shows. Erna-Britt took Estelle (Ella) to cavalier club show in Askersund, where Ella again was Best Veteran, this time under Heather Lamont, Ireland. Sara took Eriador (Doris) to Svenstavik, where Doris won her second CC, under Rune Lysgaard from Norway.

050730 "Doris", "Cavamirs Eriador, had a nice weekend in Alfta.
At saturday's clubshow she was second in her class with CK, at sunday's kennelclub show she won the class and ended second best bitch. Judges were David Flynn and Britta Roos-Börjesson.

Madelene brought young Kookaburra to the clubshow for some ring training, they came second in junior handling.

Cavamirs Miss Elton and Cavamirs Duke Elton, owner Sofie Eriksson and Gunilla Olsson, were both awarded first prizes in juniorclass. "Dacke" was also awarded CK.

050705 Photo of Madelene winning best junior handler with Gucci at SCKCS clubshow in Avesta.


Thanks to Lena for sending us the photo!


050704 A great show weekend up in Piteå!
Erna-Britt drove north with our charlie Cavamirs Grodprinsessa and our young cavalier bitch Cavamirs Eriador. "Grodan" won cacib and BOB under Agneta Pamp, and "Doris" won CC, cacib and BOB under Magnus Hagstedt!
050621 News from the show last weekend.
Lorraine Hughes, Loranca kennel in Wales, judged the Cavalier clubshow in Avesta. We showed Cavamirs Eriador, Gucci and Estelle. “Doris” (Eriador) was given prize of honour in intermediate class, Gucci was second among the champions and ended fifth best bitch. Ella was showed by eleven-year-old Madelene, won the veterans class and ended Best Veteran! Madelene also won best junior handler with Gucci. Hopefully we will soon have photos from the show.
050525 CONGRATULATIONS to Erna-Britt, who has been permitted by the Swedish Kennelclub
to give CC to yet another breed: Shih-tzu.


050524 Some show results from the weekend:

Cavamirs Eriador, Gucci and Estelle went to cavalier clubshow in Vallentuna. Gucci and Estelle got CK in their classes, Eriador got first prize.


Cavamirs Miss Elton, owner Sofie Eriksson, entered Gästriklands Kennelklubbs open show in Gävle, she was BOB-puppy and placed third in the group.


050519 It is totally possible to be BOTH kind, goodlooking and talented!
This was once again proved by our lovely elkhound Ch Dahlholmens Kaliber today. Kaliber has earlier been highly awarded both on shows and on elkhunting-tests, but today he did something he never had done before. He and breeder/ co owner Pär Dahl went on a BEAR TEST (to see if dogs are suitable for hunting bears!) and Kaliber passed!

Other good news: "Morrfuss" was BOS at the show in Österbybruk, and Sara passed the kennelclubs course for judges. This means permission to judge cavaliers, charlies and springer spaniel - when the work as "student judge" in the rings has been done.


050429 No elkhound puppies, unfortunately. Dixi turned ill, we had to make a cesarian.

 Three of the puppies were already dead, and the fourth died the following day.

Better news: two of the Cavaliers went to the show in Västerås, Cavamirs Eriador in junior class and Kookaburra in intermediate. Both were awarded CK.

When I wrote about the easter-show in Stockholm, I forgot to mention that Ch Cavamirs Grodprins at Turn-Up (Morrfuss) won another BOB!


050412 Welcome to our new page!
As we actually was the first Swedish Cavalier-kennel to have a homepage on the net, it is kind of embarrassing the way our page has been lately. Well, here we are again with a quite decent page I would say. Hope you enjoy it and that you will come back for more visits!
I have some news about the dogs, too. To start with the Cavaliers, our little junior bitch Cavamirs Eriador won her class at the Easter-show in Stockholm, and ended 5th among the bitches. Ch Cavamirs Gucci was 4th. Magnus Hagstedt from Sweden was judging, and we were very pleased with the day!

wpeE.jpg (5129 bytes)

The Elkhounds have been out at a specialty show in Heby.   Ch Dahlholmens Kaliber won BOB and his mother CH Dahlholmens Dixi was BOS! For Dixi, it was the last show for a while, we are expecting her to have a litter in the near future. This will be the first Elkhound-puppies born at our kennel!

Hopefully, we will also have Charlie-puppies this year...